EV Poseidon – the powerful commercial dry steam cleaner


Save time, detergent and equipment with less cleaning staff required. Your investment will pay off after a short amount of time.


Follow-up cleaning costs? Not with AVIOR SWISS. No cross-selling, purchase obligations or unwanted service contracts.


You get the service you need. We make sure that your appliance works seamlessly. Contact us at any time for tips and enquiries.


Water, less water. The EV Poseidon doesn’t need more. It literally cleans using the healthy power of nature. No detergents, no chemicals. Simply 180 degrees of hot, dry saturated steam. Clean with the EV Poseidon and save time, labour and costs. Clean everything in a flash with the steam jet. All you need is the appliance and accessories. It pays off quickly. Nothing can withstand the hot, dry jet of steam: no dirt, viruses or bacteria. Cleanliness and hygiene that benefits you and your employees. At the office, in the workshop, in hallways and corridors.


Steam temperature 180 °C
Humidity only 3 to 5%
Lifespan 5 to 10 years
Pressure 8 bar
Full boiler guarantee 2 years
Stainless steel quality

The “Poseidon secret” involves micro dry saturated steam heated to 180 degrees Celsius: full steam power – minimum humidity – fine mist. EV International is a leading manufacturer based in the EU with over 40 years’ experience. The savings on detergent and equipment alone will pay off after just a few years.


Boiler capacity 2.2 litres
Water tank capacity 2.1 litres
Weight 7.5 kg

What is dry steam?

Dry saturated steam is hot steam at a temperature above the pressure-related boiling point. Unlike wet steam or water vapour, it contains no water particles.

180 degrees – 8 bar pressure

Our systems clean at temperatures of around 180 degrees Celsius – dry and typically no wiping off required.

Our systems clean at temperatures of around 180 degrees Celsius – dry and typically no wiping off required.

Brilliant examples

Take the term “clean business” quite literally. Renowned companies in Switzerland are cleaned using EV Poseidon. Will you be joining them?

From A to Z:

Launched in Switzerland in 2022, AVIOR SWISS has sold the EV Poseidon to more than a hundred businessesrnin the following sectors: Hotels, restaurants, hair salons, medical clinics, car garages, schools, nurseries, educational facilities,rnbakeries, butchers, veterinary clinics, nursing homes and more. And that’s just the beginning…


The lobby, reception area, dining area: spotless and inviting in a flash! And the kitchen? The guest toilets? rnThe hotel rooms? The beds, mattresses and showers? With hot, dry steam at 8 bar and 100 degrees, the EV Poseidonrndoesn’t just speed up the work of the staff. It also provides thorough cleaning and kills germs. A delight for every guest and employee. rnParticularly allergy sufferers.


Clean faster, more efficiently and thoroughly – this is more important in restaurants than ever.rnCosts are rising and there is a shortage of staff. In terms of cleanliness and speed, thernEV Poseidon offers the perfect solution. This extends to dining areas and toilets, but particularly to kitchens andrnstorage areas. As you will know, hygiene guidelines are stricter in the catering industry thanrnvirtually all other industries.


Cost pressure on bakeries is rising like never before. Find out how quickly your investment in an EV Poseidon pays off:rndiscover how you will save time and money. How fast you will get your bakery and sales area spotlessly clean. rn180 degrees of hot, dry saturated steam cleans more thoroughly than chemical agents. It will also win the approval of food inspectors.


Don’t let germs stand a chance! Kill off bacteria and germs by blasting them with 180 degrees of hot, dry saturated steam. rnSave time and costs when cleaning by working faster and not having to purchase cleaning agents and equipment. Also, rnin this day and age, why shouldn’t your cleaning be 100% organic too?

Car garages

Welcome your customers to a garage, sales room and workshop that showcase brilliant, clean work. Choose the EV Poseidonrnand complete tasks in no time at all. Incidentally, byrnusing dry steam instead of chemical agents, you will be helping the environment.

Fitness studios

Dozens, if not hundreds, of people often work out at the same time in studios and gyms. Dripping sweat is all part of the workout, rnas is the continual disinfection of training equipment. It is good to know that you are using the fastest, most powerful cleaning system with the EV Poseidon. rnDry saturated steam is simply unbeatable.

Hair salons

It’s not just hair that falls on the floor here. Customers leave foot marks, hands leave prints. A hair salon is far more invitingrnwhen it’s spotless! No time to clean everything during the work day? Yes there is, just like sweeping away all that hair in seconds. rnAll without detergents and environmental pollutants – pure and healthy!rn

Medical practices

Face masks are all well and good, but what about all the other invisible waysrnthat diseases and infections spread? Germs and bacteria stand no chancernagainst the 170-degree dry saturated steam. What’s usefulrnin consultation rooms and waiting rooms is even more important in isolation rooms, intensive care units and operating theatres.

Veterinary clinics

Set the same standards as for human medicine when it comes to cleanliness.rnA spotless practice lets your two-legged visitors put their full trust in you. Yournwill also protect your four-legged patients against germs. However, you will be amazed at howrnquickly your practice can be cleaned. Hair, animal allergens, dirtrnfrom paws, traces of blood…all removed in a flash!rn

Care homes

Secure the title of “cleanest care home”! Eradicate bacteria and viruses far more effectively than with standard detergents by using 180-degree dry saturated steam. Nowhere is this as important as in senior citizens’ homes. rnYou will also minimise personnel labour with the EV Poseidon. That is more time for providing care in times of limited resources!


Hygiene instead of home schooling – to sum it up simply. rnWearing face masks and filtering airborne germs are one way of improving hygiene in classrooms. Cleaner rooms, desks, chairs and toilets are another. rnThis is where our dry steam cleaner comes into its own, named after the ancient god of the seas. Bacteria and germs stand no chance against its jet of steam.


Are you thinking ecologically like your customers? The market and legislators demand climate neutrality. With EV Poseidon, you are taking a step in the right direction. You will conserve resources.


See how quickly, easily and thoroughly EV Poseidon cleans your office spaces and equipment. A winning “applicant video”…simply start!

TRUST IS GOOD…Proven quality is better.

“Premium” means that the consumer can expect the highest quality when it comes to material, design and function. It should stay looking good, be easy to use and last a long time. rnThose who choose Avior Swiss and EV will receive brand quality. Independent test institutes have certified the premium quality of our materials and design, function and sustainability in terms of service and guarantee performance. rnOur customers will enjoy the design and its performance. We help them to conserve resources. That is why many of them are fans.


We will contact you as soon as possible!

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See for yourself: You will be amazed at how quickly it cleans your rooms!

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