EV ATLANTIS – the micro dry steam cleaner for the home


Reduce time of all cleaning tasks by half.


Simply use one appliance for everything instead of having to swap appliances and plastic bottles continuously. Cleaning just got more efficient!


Save on detergent and cleaning equipment costs.


…water! EV Atlantis – cleaning with the power of nature. Nothing but water. In minimum quantities. Heated to 170 degrees with dry steam. Without chemicals and detergents. EV Atlantis – thorough cleaning. The strong jet of dry steam eradicates even the most stubborn dirt. Including viruses and bacteria. EV Atlantis – stands for gentle cleaning. Virtually moisture-free. With fine, dry mist. EV Atlantis – faster, easier cleaning. Cleaning? That is so yesterday!


Steam temperature 170 °C
Humidity only 3 to 5%
Lifespan 20 to 30 years
Pressure 7 bar
Full boiler guarantee 5 years
Stainless steel quality

The “Atlantis secret” involves micro dry saturated steam heated to 170 degrees Celsius: full steam power – minimal humidity – fine mist. EV International is a leading manufacturer based in the EU with over 40 years’ experience. The savings on detergent and equipment alone will pay off after just a few years.


Boiler capacity 2.2 litres
Water tank capacity 2.1 litres
Weight 6.5 Kg

Our hot secret:

Dry saturated steam. This involves hot steam at a temperature higher than the pressure-related boiling point. Unlike wet steam or water vapour, it contains no water particles.

…micro dry steam!

Our systems clean at temperatures of around 170 degrees Celsius – dry and typically no wiping off required.

Our systems clean at temperatures of around 170 degrees Celsius – dry and typically no wiping off required.

EV Atlantis – the incredibly versatile household system

From floors and tiles through windows, bathrooms and kitchen fixtures to carpets and curtains: This jack of all trades cleans everything reliably, quickly and hygienically. Germs and dust don’t stand a chance.

Bathroom + floors + tiles + glass + textiles + …

One appliance for everything. See for yourself!

Dry steam protects the environment and health

Detergents, chemicals and environmental pollutants? Passé. Dry saturated steam is extremely fine. One bottle of tap water is usually enough to clean the entire house. This conserves resources and is healthier.


Our cleaning concept offers many benefits that play an increasingly important role in these times of hygiene and disinfection. Improve hygiene standards for yourself and your business to prevent illness and allergies. Be amazed by the benefits of cleaning with dry steam.

100% chemical-free

By cleaning with dry steam, you won’t need to purchase and use chemical-based detergents. This saves money and enables non-toxic cleaning!

Ecological and environmentally friendly

No more detergent means: no plastic bottles thrown away, no chemicals down the drain, conserve resources and save water.

Kill 99% of germs and bacteria

Heat is their biggest enemy. No bacteria can survive temperatures over 100 degrees Celsius. Most germs can even be killed off at 70 to 100 degrees. Be on the safe side when it comes to hygiene with 170-degree hot, dry steam.

Clean and disinfect in one go

Dry steam not only removes dirt but also eradicates mould, germs and bacteria. This means the cleaned areas are also disinfected!

Residue-free cleaning

No matter what detergent you use, it always leaves residue. This creates a breeding ground for mould, germs and bacteria and also helps new dirt to settle. Cleaning with dry steam (water only) keeps everything cleaner for longer!

Protecting materials and surfaces

Avoiding detergents protects materials such as wood and composite materials, preserving them for longer.

Time-saving and fast – up to 50% time saving when cleaning

Use one appliance for every task instead of having to change appliances and plastic bottles constantly.

Protect your health and that of customers and employees

Health should always be the top priority. Dry steam keeps everything clean and healthy! Clean, disinfect and safeguard the health of everyone involved!

No dried-out hands due to cleaning

Water containing detergent damages hands after a while. Avoid skin problems!

Powerful and efficient – clean everything with one device

Whether it’s fixtures, tiles, kitchens, living rooms, verandas, carpeted floors or sofas: Dry steam lets you clean faster, better and more efficiently.

TRUST IS GOOD…Proven quality is better.

“Premium” means that the consumer can expect the highest quality when it comes to material, design and function. It should stay looking good, be easy to use and last a long time. rnThose who choose Avior Swiss and EV will receive brand quality. Independent test institutes have certified the premium quality of our materials and design, function and sustainability in terms of service and guarantee performance. rnOur customers will enjoy the design and its performance. We help them to conserve resources. That is why many of them are fans.


We will contact you as soon as possible!

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See for yourself: You will be amazed at how easy cleaning just got!

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What our customers say

War anfangs etwas skeptisch ob des preises, aber wenn man sieht wi viel an Putzmitteln wir sparen…

Lena Becker
3 months ago

ich möchte meine schlechte Erfahrung mit Avior Swiss teilen und eine negative Bewertung abgeben….

3 months ago

Der Atlantis ist jetzt seit einem Jahr ein fester Bestandteil in der wöchentlichen Reinigung. Wür…

kevin braun
3 months ago

Reinigen geht so wunderbar schnell, danke Avior!

Swen Schreiner
3 months ago

Unsere Klinikflure haben nie so geglänzt wie nach der Dampfreinigung mit Poseidon, fünf Sterne

Anke Mayer
3 months ago

Vollgass mit Trockendampf!

Phillipp Hoover
3 months ago

Seitdem wir mit dem Poseidon putzen, brauchen wir fast keine Papiertücher mehr. Und Putzmittel so…

Logan B.
4 months ago

Kein Gift mehr im Abwasser, kein unnötiges Platik mehr in die Weltmeere. Allein dafür lohnt sich…

Philipp Pfeffer
4 months ago

Ich konnte den Geruch ätzender Mittel oder Essigessenz nicht mehr ausstehen. Der Vior Swiss Dampf…

T. K
4 months ago

Die meisten Chemiekeulen sind biologisch nicht abbaubar. Deswgen liebr Trockendampf!

Heike Eichel
4 months ago

Die meisten Chemiekeulen sind biologisch nicht abbaubar. Deswgen liebr Trockendampf!

Stefan Muench
4 months ago

Freundlicher und aufgestellter Auftritt!

Kuster Olivier
4 months ago

Danke für das nette Gespräch.

Robert G.
4 months ago

Chemiefrei und schnell, was will man mehr

Ehmm Egal
4 months ago

Tolle Präsenz an der RHEMA

Marcel Engetschwiler
4 months ago

Endlich Chemiefreies reinigen. Danke für die gute Beratung. ✌🏾

Sajeegan Sritharan
5 months ago

Aufgestellte und kompetente Beratung, da lohnt sich die Investition

V Avdiu
5 months ago

So sauber wars bei uns noch nie

P Bürger
5 months ago

Meine Eltern haben mir für die erste eigene Wohnung gleich diesen EV IRIS geschenkt. Super Idee…

Petra Friedman
5 months ago

Danke, Carsten Becker, für die gelungene Dampf-Demonstration!

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Top und mega standbetreuung

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Cooler Stand bei der Grimavera und sehr freundliche Mitarbeiter

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8 months ago

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